Saturday, October 3, 2009

Now you don't!!

Sweet sweet freedom! I don't want to sound conceited and I know I'm biased, but I think she's pretty darn cute! Of course, she was cute with the tube in, but now you can see her whole beautiful face! Now she can rub her eyes, suck on her fingers, and play with her ears without us worrying that she'll yank her tube out in the process.

At last! No more tube!

Abbie's surgery went very well on Monday morning. She was in and out in about an hour. We stayed until Wednesday afternoon and I'm pretty sure I never want to spend another night in the hospital, ever again. Anyway, it's nice to have the ng-tube out but the g-tube isn't without it's difficulties. It takes about 2 months to heal and we have to be very careful with it at least until then. We have to change the dressing and clean the tube site every day in order to prevent infection, irritation, and other problems. Abbie certainly doesn't enjoy this time of the day and I can't blame her. She's healed well though and is pretty much back to her normal crazy self. Now that the surgeries are over, we can shift our focus back to getting Abbie to eat. Thank you all for yout thoughts and prayers for Abbie these last few weeks.

Abbie's G-tube

What a cutie!