Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Summer 2011

Well, looks like all of our summer adventures get to be summed up in a few posts since I was a huge slacker in the blogging area these last few months! First up is June, which was our busiest month by far!
We started off with the Moss Family Reunion, held in Beaver, UT. We actually went down a day early so that Lance and a few of his brothers and their wives could hike Angel’s Landing. They had a great time, but were very tired and sore when they returned! After the Easter fiasco (a.k.a. Abbie and Sadie deciding to rebel against all forms of sleep), we had basically resigned ourselves to the fact that we probably wouldn’t get any sleep for 3 nights. I am happy to report that the girls surprised us and actually slept pretty well. Abbie got up quite early every morning, but Lance would just take her down and turn on cartoons while he fell back asleep on the couch. Sadie loved getting passed around to all the aunts and cousins and Abbie loved playing with her cousins, especially the babies. The theme of the reunion was the Moss Family Game Show, so we had lots of fun activities like Minute to Win it, Family Fued, Who Wants to be a Millionaire, The Amazing Race, and even a Money Booth. It was tons of fun! We love the Moss reunion every year!

Lance at Angel's Landing

Abbie and Jackson in the money booth

Getting ready for bed

Next up was the McArthur Reunion in Albion, ID. We only have this reunion every 3 years or so, so it was fun to get reacquainted with family that we haven’t seen for a long time. We had lots of fun during the daytime, doing relay races, eating lots of good food, and Abbie’s favorite, playing in the hot tub with dad. The nights were not as successful this time, due to creaky floors, more people, and many other factors. I got to spend every night out on the couch with Sadie, while Lance tried not to wake Abbie up getting into that squeaky bed. We all did manage to get some sleep though, and were still able to enjoy the reunion. On the way home, we stopped at the City of Rocks to hike around a bit and eat some lunch before heading out.

Abbie loved the hot tub

Grandma and Grandpa with Sadie

The whole fam at City of Rocks

So, the reunions took up half of our month, and then Lance was gone for the other half! Well….maybe not half, but 5 days and 4 nights seems like an eternity when you’re alone with a baby who still wakes up several times a night, and a toddler who delights in trying your patience. Luckily, I only live 20 minutes from my parents, so we bummed at their house each evening in order to save my sanity. Lance went camping with the priests and teachers up at Island Park, ID and they had a lot of fun boating, hiking, and they even got to see some bears at Yellowstone National Park. Phew! One month down, two to go!

Just had to add this one cause she's so dang cute!

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