Sunday, July 26, 2009

Happy Birthday!

Yesterday was Lance’s 28th birthday! We had spent the previous 3 days at a cabin near Oakley, UT going four-wheeling and jet skiing with my family. This was Abbie’s first ever overnight adventure. I was a little worried that she wouldn’t sleep well in a strange place but she did very well. She loved being up in the mountains with all of the trees. She has a funny fascination with leaves and loves to watch them flutter in the wind. She also loved going on stroller bumpy rides with Grandpa, chillin’ in the hammock with Daddy, and splashing in the water at Rockport Reservoir.

We got home Saturday afternoon and Abbie helped Lance open his presents. Then we dropped Abbie off at Grandma and Grandpa Moss’ and Lance and I went to dinner at Texas Roadhouse. We’ve never been there before but the food was great, especially the all-you-can-eat rolls! I accidentally let it slip that it was Lance’s birthday so he got to sit on the saddle while the waiters did a lot of yelling and yee-hawing. Poor Lance! He was a little embarrassed but he was a good sport and even forgave me after a little while! Anyway, I am so grateful to have such a wonderful husband who is such a good Daddy to our little girl! We love you Lance! Happy 28th birthday!

Monday, July 20, 2009

5 months old!

I can't believe how fast time is flying! The days go pretty slowly but the months just whiz by. Our little Abbie is now 5 months old! She is doing really well in everything but the eating department. We thought we were progressing for about a week when Abbie started actually sucking on things but now she's kind of regressed to the point that she cries and whines when she sees the bottle, before it even gets to her mouth. Oh well, we'll just keep working. She is throwing up a lot less than she was before which is great! So, in honor of her 5 month birthday, here are 5 pictures of our little cutie!

Our little ballerina!

Helping Daddy with the laundry

Trying her best to enjoy tummy time

She already has a sweet tooth! (Not that she'll eat it, she just wants it because Dad has it)

And finally, one of her few perfectly peaceful moments. What an angel.

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Catching Up

Life has been pretty busy for us these last few weeks so this will be a catch-up post. We've taken Abbie on a few adventures lately. Last week we went jet skiing at Pineview Reservoir. We had a blast and Abbie had fun chillin' in the shade and getting lots of attention from Grandma, Grandpa, and Uncle Connor.

Lance and I went to the Oquirrh Mountain Temple open house a few days ago and we decided to take Abbie with us. She slept the whole car ride there and was pretty well-behaved during the tour, but on the car ride home she let us know that she had had enough. She was hot, sweaty, and tired and she screamed and cried for half an hour. I hate when she cries like that in the car because there is nothing I can do for her. Anyway, the temple was beautiful and we are so blessed to know that we will be a family forever.

This 4th of July was pretty interesting for us. Abbie started the day off with some fireworks of her own by yanking out her tube yet again. Despite the rough start, we were excited to head off to the airport to meet Lance's brother Tyler who just got home from serving a mission in Mexico. We're so glad to have him back and we're so proud of him for his willingness to serve the Lord and share the gospel with the people in Mexico.

We've had a few new developments with Abbie in the last week. We've started seeing a new feeding therapist and I think this one is going to be a lot more helpful. I feel like Abbie is already starting to make some progress. She still won't suck but she's doing a lot better at letting the bottle be in her mouth and swallowing small amounts of water or formula. We are also seeing a GI (gastro-intestinal) doctor to see if we can get Abbie's acid reflux and vomiting under control. We're just taking one step at a time to see what works and the first step was to increase the dose of a medicine that Abbie takes to help her stomach empty faster and to help the food move through her intestines. She's only been on the higher dose for a few days now but it seems to be helping. We'll keep seeing our new therapist and probably start Abbie on some oatmeal soon to see if she handles that better than the bottle.