Wednesday, January 13, 2010


Yay for Christmas!

I cannot believe that I didn't post a single thing the whole month of December! I guess I'll blame it on weddings, holidays, parties, and just general business. Anyway, it was an awesome month and it's such a shame that it has to be all summed up in one post.

Not another picture!

At the beginning of the month, we made the trek down to Beaver, and from Beaver to St. George for Lance's brother's wedding. Abbie did a lot better on the car ride then we expected, mostly because Aunt Sarah was good at keeping her entertained! I was a little worried to leave Abbie with her Uncle Dev and Uncle Cam while we went to the temple, but they did a great job and I was glad that I got to be there for Tyler and Lachelle's sealing.

I love playing with my cousins!

Then of course, there were many family parties where we had way too much fun to stop and take many pictures. Abbie is getting to the age where she loves, loves, loves playing with other little kids, whether or not those kids want to play with her! She had a lot of fun playing with cousins and entertaining aunts, uncles, and grandparents.

Unwrapping presents

Christmas was so much fun this year! Abbie loved ripping her presents open, and we loved watching her eyes light up when she saw her presents. Her big present was a little musical table that she loves. She also got a doll, a little kitty, some clothes, and some sippy cups. Mostly she just loved the attention she got all day long.

Christmas PJ's

So that was our December in a nutshell. There were a few other little things like finally training Abbie to go to sleep on her own at night! It was a rough couple of nights, but it was well worth it! Not only does she go to sleep on her own, but we don't have to get up with her at night anymore!

Sound Asleep!

Usually, January is a dreary month, the big let down after all the fun of the holidays. So this January we decided to change that, and go on a cruise! Wahoo! We're leaving Abbie with grandparents and taking some time to just have some fun as a couple after the stressfullness of this last year. I'm nervous about leaving Abbie but she loves spending time with her grandparents and they love her so i'm sure she'll be fine. We leave on Saturday!