Monday, February 6, 2012

It's Party Time!

I know I'm a little biased, but that little face just might be the cutest thing I've ever seen. I think she was pretty excited for her party! We ended up having two different parties due to calender conflicts and space constraints, but double the parties means double the fun! We got to party with my side of the fam on Wednesday and Lance's side of the fam on Friday. What a fun week!

The birthday girl by her birthday banner


Aunt Kate and Lexi with the birthday girl

Uncle Taylor with Sadie (I love their matching facial expressions!)

Lance was in charge of games for the party and they were a major success. First, everyone took a funny little quiz about Sadie and watched a slideshow of Sadie's first year. Then we played the donut game where you hang a donut from a string and then try to eat it with no hands. The kids loved this! We even used powdered donuts to make things a little more messy. We played Limbo and did a cake walk as well. The winners of the games got to reach into a prize box and pick a careful what you pick though, because some of the prizes were duds! Lance put some soap. tomato sauce, taco seasoning, etc. into the prize box and that made it really funny. Luckily, there were enough good prizes for everyone, so we didn't have any tears!

Abbie, Bryson, Haley, and Jackson playing the donut game

Brandon, Josh, and Lexi doing the Limbo

Present time! Sadie wasn't very interested in unwrapping most of the presents, so she got a little assistance from big sister, who was more than happy to help! Sadie got several new books, a few new outfits, and some new toys! Thanks everyone!

Bryson and Abbie helping Sadie open her presents

It took me awhile to figure out the theme for the party, but I finally settled on a pink and brown cupcake theme. The invitations were little cupcakes that I made with my Silhouette. I also used the Silhouette to make Sadie's birthday banner and cupcake toppers. Man I love that machine! haha! Not a great picture but you get the idea

I researched some tips on how to frost cupcakes and was surprised at how easy it was and how cute they turned out! All I did was purchase a frosting tip at Hobby Lobby, cut off one corner of a ziploc bag, put the tip in the corner and fill the bag with frosting. I just used store-bought frosting and it worked great! I also made the little cupcake stand with some plates I found at DI, some glass candlesticks from Dollar Tree and some super glue. Super cheap and super easy!

Here's the table. Nothing fancy, but I used root beer and lemonade to fit the pink and brown theme. I was trying to find some pink and brown candies but all I could find that I liked were tootsie rolls.

This is the cake for Sadie's party on Friday. The cake for the first party was just a one layer round cake, but she didn't really get into it much, so I tried to make a cake that looked like more fun to dig into. It definitely helped that it was three layers, but the little sprinkles on top were her favorite. She dug into this one a lot more, even though none of it ended up in her mouth.

Here's a glimpse of the first cake, she didn't really get into this one at all. Abbie ended up helping her a little bit after awhile and got a cute little mexi-stache to show for her efforts. Love my girls! Thanks to everyone who came and made it such a great birthday for Sadie!

Abbie sporting her chocolate mexi-stache

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  1. What a cute party and cute party girl! Everything looks AWESOME Kel! Love it! Can't believe Sadie's a big one year old!

  2. She is SO cute Kell! I love all the cute stuff you did for her party-I'll have to remember it for Audrey's first birthday next year!

  3. Love the banner...and the color theme- such a good idea!

  4. Ohmygosh, your girls are DARLING!!!!!!!!!!! And what amazing ideas-- loved the tip (pardon the pun) on the frosting and the cupcake stand-- NICE! Sounds like a blast-- wish we still lived by each other... xoxo!

  5. It sure goes fast when you only see blog updates! She's so cute.

  6. super cute kellie! happy birthday to you today. hope it was a good one!