Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Back from a Blogging Hiatus

Ok, so it's been a month or two...or six...since I've blogged. I'll spare you the excuses and try to sum up the last 6 months in a few posts...

 We wrapped up February with a princess birthday party for our cute little 3 year old, Abbie.  I, of course, neglected to take any pictures :( We had lots of family, some Cafe Rio lunch, and then got to play some fun games like Pin the Kiss on the Frog, and finished the day off with a princess crown pinata, lots of great presents, and some pink and purple cupcakes.

March brought some warmer weather and we could finally start playing outside again!  The girls loved eating orange juice popsicles, playing in the sandbox, and drawing with sidewalk chalk.

We made out annual trip to Beaver for Easter and had lots of fun playing with cousins, finding eggs, and eating lots of candy!

We got a good deal on some Lagoon tickets and made it a fun family day. The girls surprised me and actually went on quite a few rides.

 The girls are finally in a stage where they will actually play together and playing with babies is one of their favorite things to do together.

In May, we got to welcome a new cousin, little baby Jameson.  Abbie LOVES babies and did not want to stop holding him.

Abbie got to go on a Mommy-Daughter date to the Treehouse Museum, and she had a blast! The little hospital section with the babies was her favorite (surprise, surprise).  She also loved the drums, the garden, and the little farm.

Lance made the girls a little sprinkler from PVC pipe and they couldn't even wait long enough to get their swimsuits on to try it out!  Their favorite part? Drinking from the sprinkler like little dogs! Haha.  Luckily, it's house water!

Ok, I'll stop there for now, but posts about our trip to the Mediterranean and the rest of the summer will be coming soon!

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  1. Welcome back to the wonderful world of blogging! ;) You were missed! You're girls are so cute and it looks like you've been up to some fun stuff. Can't wait to see pics from the cruise although I got a sneak peak from Lance's FB. Love ya!